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Established in 2018 in Exton, PA we are a full-service Yoga and wellness studio specializing in helping our students prioritize self-care practices in order to reduce stress, gain strength and live a balanced life. 


Our team has navigated our own long battles with stress (both physical and emotional). We combine  our knowledge, experience with practical advice to share the tools of yoga and guide folks like you on your road to healing, health and vitality.

We LOVE teaching people how to transform their limiting beliefs about what's possible for their health and discover what it actually takes to develop a sustainable wellness routine to increase strength and flexibility, release tension, pain and stiffness, and enjoy more stress-free time in their day. 

You won’t believe how easy it is to learn yoga and gain back the vitality of your youth. The increased flexibility and sense of calm you get from yoga is what helps millions of people across the globe to feel their very best, at any age. So, what are you waiting for? Register for your first class with us and let's get that yoga mat unrolled. 

In Light, 

Kristin Schultz

Zia Yoga & Wellness Founder

"Zia" (pronounced zee-ah) is an ancient word meaning "light and splendor" and is used to depict the sun among many cultures.

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