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Which Class Is Right For You?

Let us help you find the right class for you! We have a variety of practices to meet your needs. Let us help get you in the right one!

In a lot of pain, nursing an injury or feeling deeply intimidated by group classes?

We suggest a one-on-one session (or even a handful of them). One-on-one sessions are BREAKTHROUGH territory. You'll benefit from a 100% customized yoga practice with one of our warm and experienced instructors, tailored to meet your unique needs, challenges and goals. To learn more more about our one-on-one sessions check out our private yoga offerings here.

In the mood to sweat and feel a little challenged?

If you're more athletic or already have some yoga experience, try one of our Zia Flow classes. Our studio’s signature yoga style, Zia Flow is a breath-inspired, vinyasa-style practice filled with the rhythmic movement and reflective meditation of ancient yoga practices. This energetic class will help you develop a greater sense of self-awareness, strength, balance and flexibility and ultimately provide you with a direct experience of prana - or life energy. Each class is unique but may include the many variations of Namaskars (Salutations) as well as standing postures, inversions, backbends, twists, forward bends, and deep relaxation. Find a Zia Flow Class

Ready to Relax & Unwind?

Our Relax + Restore classes are a sanctuary for dialing down your nervous system and letting your body rest deeply. Our expert teachers will help set you up in super-gentle reclining poses with all the props you need to feel completely supported. You’ll rest in each pose for 10-20 minutes before moving to the next one. This one will leave you ready for the best sleep you’ve had in years. Check out our latest schedule for Relax + Restore classes here.

Looking to enliven the body, chase away fatigue, and find calming balance?

Vin + Yin is a marriage of the active, yang qualities of vinyasa yoga with the receptive, yin qualities of deep restoration. Active, yet grounding namaskars and standing flows are offered in the first half of class to warm, enliven the body and chase away any fatigue. Then slip into the second half of the class where we explore traditional yin poses held longer to stretch the connective tissues helping us to relax into the deepest layers of the body. You will be sure to leave feeling calm, peaceful and balanced after this healing practice! Check out our latest schedule for Vin + Yin Classes.

Pregnant, just had a baby, or already a mama?

Strengthen mind, body and spirit in with a class designed to help women deepen their experience of the journey of pregnancy and motherhood. Each week we you will have time to connect with other mothers in your community, learn relaxation and breathing exercises to ease stress, enjoy flowing and strength building movements for abdominal and pelvic floor toning as well as gentle and restorative postures to address and relieve common pregnancy and postpartum discomforts and to enhance postnatal recovery. Check out our latest schedule for Yoga Mamas classes.

Want to explore alignment, strength, balance, flexibility and relaxation from your desk?

Here at Zia, we believe that Yoga is accessible for every body, regardless of shape, gender, age or ability. Our Chair Yoga Class will offer the mind and body benefits of a yoga class using a chair for support, balance, or advancing the pose as appropriate for each student. Led in a warm and supportive environment this class focuses on safe and accessible yoga practices to meet each individual need. Designed for all levels of experience, students are guided to move in and out of poses with ease, adapting poses to fit the body, listening intently to what the body needs. Check out our latest schedule for Chair Yoga classes.

Interested in learning more about yogic breath work, meditation or divine yogic sleep?

Explore the magic of Yogic Breath Work, or Pranayama, catch a weekly meditation class or rejuvenate your natural rhythm & harmony, improve strength & flexibility, dissolve tension, and experience a deep sense of well-being that will support you well after the session is over. These subtle and enlivening practices deliver incredible and sustainable experiences of mental clarity, focus, and resilience, along with an elevated mood of joy and peace. Check out our latest class schedule.

Brand new to yoga and not sure where to start?

Soothe your nervous system and gain strength and flexibility with mindfulness and safe alignment in one of our Yoga Basics classes. The ancient philosophies of Yoga and Ayurveda that believe self-awareness is the essence and foundation of good health. Learn to soothe your nervous system, calm your mind from over-stimulation and access true peace and insight. The asana portion of the class is conducted slowly, mindfully and is led with detailed instruction so that you can gain strength and flexibility at your own pace with mindfulness and safe alignment. Find out when the next Yoga Basics Workshop is scheduled.

Our Studio

Ancient Wisdom. Modern Wellness

Welcome to our studio! We are so excited to welcome you into our space whether you are visiting us in person or from the comfort of your home or office!

Frequently asked questions

I’m not (flexible/ strong/ chill/ etc.), can I really do yoga?

We’ve heard every stereotype and myth about yogis and the yoga world. But the one that has always bugged us the most is that real yogis are super thin, bendy, hippy-dippy, woo-woo, tree-hugging flower children who care more about balancing their chakras than their checkbooks. In fact, most of the people you’ll meet in our community look more like you than like the picture painted above. The truth is there is no one “type” of yogi or yoga studio. Yet, we’ve all been to a yoga or fitness class where we were made to feel like we didn’t belong, or we weren’t [thin / strong/ flexible/ young/ athletic/ spiritual/ chill] enough to be there. We are committed to creating a space where everyone feels not just welcomed – but as though they were exactly where they were meant to be. Our highly skilled team has pose variations for bodies of all flexibilities and strengths, and blocks, straps, and bolsters to make poses more accessible. If you ever feel stuck, just let us know. We’re here to help.

Do I need my own yoga mat and props?

Whether in the studio or at home, you’ll need a non-slip yoga-style mat to class. We have a small selection of mats available for purchase in the studio and you can find them easily at many local retailers. Your teacher will teach a class catered to small spaces and limited props but we recommend having at least 2 blocks and/or a few blankets on hand to make class more comfortable. Here are some great homemade substitutions for yoga props: Yoga Blanket: firm wool blanket, beach towel or fleece blanket Blocks: books, sturdy boxes, soup cans and water bottles Strap: belt, scarf, thin towel or long piece of non-stretchy fabric Bolster: couch cushions, large pillows

How often should I practice yoga in order to get results?

To experience the optimal benefits of yoga, it’s important to practice regularly. We recommend a minimum of 1 time per week but you'll have EPIC BREAKTHROUGHS in your body, mindset, nervous system, and even in your relationships with others and with yourself when you start practicing 3 or more times per week. Whether it's in class or at home, for 20 minutes or an hour and a half, practicing yoga on a consistent basis will accelerate your learning and greatly enhance your overall health and wellbeing.

What are your COVID-19 Protocols for In-Person Classes?

We are committed to keeping you and our community safe and will adhere to all state, CDC and federal guidelines in order to prevent the spread of COVID-19. No one with symptoms of COVID-19 or a respiratory infection, a fever or who has been in-contact with anyone who has tested positive for COVID-19 in the past 14 days will be permitted to attend. A tight fitting mask must be worn over your nose and mouth at all times. Face shields, neck gaiters or face masks with vents are not suitable protective coverings. If you do not have a mask, we will provide one for you. Teachers and students will sanitize their hands upon entering the studio and maintain 6-feet distance at all times. Please bring your own yoga mat, blocks and blankets for practice. Fresh air will be allowed into the studio space at all times to increase ventilation. Please dress accordingly with warm layers.

How exactly does a virtual class work?

How exactly does a virtual class work? You'll join us online in a private web-room from your preferred wifi-enabled device and we'll lead the class via webcam. You will be muted during class and can choose to leave your webcam on during class if you would like. Be sure to download and install Zoom on your preferred wifi-enabled device prior to your class. For your virtual practice, you will need a stable space for your zoom-connected device. Set yourself up in a space with your personal yoga mat and any props or alternatives you have. We recommend plugging in your device to ensure a stable connection throughout class Create a quiet space so you can practice without interruption. Turn your device to "do not disturb" mode. ​​All registered students receive 24-hour (or 7-day) access to a digital recording link. So, even if you cannot attend class live, you can still enjoy it at a convenient time for you!

How do I sign up for class? (Inperson, Virtual, and Outdoor)

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