In The Pranic Life, 12-week Living with Energy Mentorship Program you will learn how to unhook yourself from patterns of anxiety, perfectionism and self-sacrifice so you can generate a soul-aligned life of passion, purpose, radical balance and inner happiness. 


This program includes ...


  • Lifetime access to our membership site which includes all 12-week training modules and handouts filled with rich content to serve you in your goals wherever you are in your growth process. 

  • 12-weeks of Live Coaching with me on our weekly group Q&A call 

  • 1, 60-min Welcome & Make Space for your Life Action Call

  • 1, 60-min Post-Program Next Steps & Strategy Call  

  • Bonus trainings awarded to you when you complete each of the three unique projects, we’ll set our sights on during our Welcome Call within the 12-week program 

  • Accountability and inspiration every week we’re working together 

  • Access to our private community for current mentees 

  • Direct message support to help you integrate the information and implement it in a way that serves your unique goals

  • A highly experienced, intuitive mentor and coach who is 100% invested in your success 

Lead Mentor and Program Founder, Kristin Schultz is a 500H ERYT, Ayurvedic Lifestyle Coach and Human Behavior Specialist has dedicated her life to living the practices she teaches and is a role model and inspiration for women to live with wisdom and vitality. 

A natural edge-walker, Kristin masterfully integrates practices from both the scientific and spiritual worlds to inspire greatness for women to evolve in awareness and radiance. 

When she's not leading one of her three businesses, you can find her running a trail or traveling the world with her family. 

Why Prana?

Prana is the Sanskrit word for "life force", or "vital principle" which permeates everything in our world, including inanimate objects. In Hindu literature, prana is sometimes described as originating from the Sun and connecting all of the elements here on earth. 


Prana is a Sanskrit word that means breath, and is considered the life-giving force, the universal energy that flows within and among us, connecting us with all other living beings. We are immersed in prana, it flows around us and through us like currents in a river. It is a vital force with many levels of meaning, ranging from the physical air we breathe, to the collective energy of consciousness shared among all living beings. The breath, each breath, gives us a chance to stop, to transform, to reset, to begin again. With each breath we have the chance to reconnect to the planet and to each other; each breath affords us the opportunity to reimagine our future. 

pra·na /'prän / 
noun | Hinduism 
Breath, a life-giving force.

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