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Pre/Postnatal Yoga Teacher Training

in Partnership with Create Karma

This comprehensive and trauma-informed, Yoga Alliance training is ideal for yoga teachers, Doulas, Midwives, physical therapists, health professionals and fitness instructors who want to provide nurturing support for their clients navigating pregnancy and motherhood.

200-Hour Yoga Alliance Teacher Training (LEAP)

in Partnership with Create Karma

Leaders Empowered into Action, or LEAP, is our transformative 200-hour training and uses the spectrum of wellness from our accessible wellness training (AWE) with additional, specialized modules to empower you into effective leadership throughout your life. Learn technical aspects of teaching yoga and mindfulness, and how to make wellness come alive for your students from nationally renowned wellness leaders.

Whether you are new to the wellness world or are looking for ways to develop your leadership skills for the first time, LEAP provides an opportunity to explore your leadership potential through the experience of yoga, wellness, and your connection to others. Over the course of 9 weekends, you’ll move your body, explore self-inquiry and participate in team-building activities to practice and hone your unique leadership style. Upon completion, you’ll discover your skill and voice as a yoga teacher and flex your newly found leadership strengths in support of your community. Plus, we’ll walk you through all the requirements to receive your 200 hour yoga certification from Yoga Alliance.

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300-Hour Yoga Alliance Advanced Teacher Training & Mentorship (MEET)

in Partnership with Create Karma

Mentors Empowering Engagement Training, or MEET, is Create Karma’s 300-hour advanced leadership program designed for current yoga industry leaders seeking to enhance your ability to become a leadership and wellness mentor to other teachers and community leaders. Experience the same amazing facilitators as our LEAP and AWE programs, plus expanded opportunities to hone your ability to hold space for your personal wellness while still supporting growth for those around you.


Over the course of 10 weekends, you will move your body, explore self-inquiry and participate in team-building activities with fellow MEET and LEAP trainees. You will also learn the keys to bring mindfulness and creative movement techniques to a broader population by becoming a “teacher of teachers” through mentorship work and a documented community outreach project.

Radiant Facilitation 

in Partnership with Create Karma

The 5-Week Radiant Facilitation Program was created to help those who have a desire to teach and lead authentically crumble toxic masculine standards, release their inner perfectionist, and rewrite the voice inside that tells them to sit down and be quiet so that they can powerfully facilitate any training, workshop or conversation and connect to any audience with passion, confidence and ease.

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