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Deepen your knowledge

Our Transformational Yoga + Wellness Teacher Trainings are BACK and better than ever. Learn more about our upcoming Fall 2023 - Spring 2024 training season and join the waitlist to be the first to know about registration details and early bird offers.

Learn the technical aspects of teaching yoga and mindfulness, and how to make wellness come alive for your students from nationally renowned wellness leaders.

Explore all 3-tiers of our training offerings, including options for folks looking to dive deeper into their own practices, those seeking to learn how to teach yoga for the first time, and for current teachers who want to expand their practices and teachings even further into their communities.

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Wisdom + Wellness

Deepen your Personal Practice

When we align with the ancient practices of Yoga and Ayurveda, we begin to experience an expansion on an energetic, physical and emotional level that enables us to use our vitality wisely and from within.


This tier of training is for students who feel ready to up-level every inch of their lives and being-ness but who are not interested in teaching yoga. 


What’s Included: 

  • Unlimited virtual and in-studio classes at Zia

  • Free Monthly 30-minute Reiki session

  • Access to Saturday and Sunday morning movement practices during training weekends

  • Bonus access to select workshops on Saturdays during the training (~3 hours a weekend) 

  • Monthly Guest Pass to bring a friend to class on us

  • 20% discount on Massage Sessions at the studio

  • 10% off Ayurveda + Wellness Coaching Services

Investment: Pay in Full $1111 or $209/month for 6-months

Yoga Leadership Training

for current Yoga Teachers

This program blends advanced studies in philosophy, Ayurveda and yoga teaching techniques with the leadership and business coaching to thrive as a community leader. As a Yoga Leaders you will work collectively to make waves in the wellness industry by challenging norms, disrupting systems and mobilizing people to be in action to create transformative social change. 


Acceptance into the Leadership training program is granted after an interview with a member of the training facilitation team and review of your application. Additionally, applicants must meet the following prerequisites: 


  • Minimum of 200-hours previous training in teaching yoga

  • Minimum of 1-year experience teaching yoga, meditation or movement classes

This program includes access to all of the content in the Level 1 Training as well as…

Advanced Methodology and Philosophy

  • Expanding yogic teachings through all 8 limbs of Yoga

  • Yogic philosophy through ancient texts including Patanjali's Yoga Sutras and The Bhagavad Gita

  • Applied anatomy for yoga teachers

  • Common injury management and prevention

  • Therapeutic hands on assists 

  • Advanced Ayurvedic principles and practices for teaching


Decolonizing Yoga + Community Healing

  • Decolonizing Yoga and wellness in our western world 

  • Creating spaces for collective healing and social justice

  • Yoga for Trauma

  • Advanced Sanskrit 


Leadership, Facilitation and Business Coaching

  • Harness your presence with masterful skills and techniques to facilitate any conversation and hold space with ease

  • Locate yourself and excavate obstacles and discover what’s in the way of your leadership

  • Mentor others with integrity and create clear boundaries that work

  • Architect classes, workshops, and presentations that are accessible, empowering, and profitable

  • Entrepreneurial skills and curation of your personal brand

  • Ethical business and finance practices for leaders

Investment: Pay in Full and 6-month payment plan options

Yoga Teacher Training

the Art + Science of teaching Yoga

Learn how to teach yoga, meditation and pranayama and how to hold brave space for individuals and groups in your community. As a Yoga Trainee, you will learn… 


Practical Applications of Teaching Yoga

  • Functional anatomy for teaching yoga

  • Class structures, sequencing and organization

  • Inclusive teaching for diverse bodies 

  • Weaving authentic themes and yogic philosophy into group classes

  • Using your Voice to tell a story and move bodies

  • Consent, and hands on assisting

  • Trauma sensitivity


The Philosophy and Roots of Yoga

  • Experience yogic teachings through all 8 paths 

  • Yogic Philosophy through ancient texts including Patanjali's Yoga Sutras

  • Basic Sanskrit Pronunciation, yogic stories of Deities and how they apply to our modern lives

  • Living Ayurveda: Reclaim your body’s inner luminosity and a radiant, peaceful mind.


Leadership, Business & Ethics of Yoga

  • Avoiding appropriation, and other ethical issues in teaching Yoga

  • Decolonizing Yoga + Wellness in our western world

  • Collective healing at the intersection of Yoga and social justice

  • Business and legal basics for Yoga teachers

Investment: Pay in Full and 6-month payment plan options

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Pre/Postnatal Yoga 

95-Hour Teacher Training

This comprehensive and trauma-informed training is ideal for yoga teachers, Doulas, Midwives, physical therapists, health professionals and fitness instructors who want to provide nurturing support for their clients navigating pregnancy and motherhood.


Are you a yoga student looking to deepen your practice?

Check out one of our monthly workshops or explore our private yoga instruction or Ayurvedic Wellness coaching!

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