Virtual Yoga

Physically Apart.

Virtually Connected.


Join us for live streamed yoga with our community from the comfort of your home. 


So, how exactly does a virtual yoga class work?
You'll join us online in a private webroom from your preferred wifi-enabled device and we'll lead the class via webcam. You will be muted during class and can choose to leave your webcam on during class if you would like. Check out our class schedule for virtual yoga options. 


What is the cost?
All virtual classes are priced the same as our regular classes. Unlimited and Flexible Memberships and Class Cards can all be used.


How do I sign up?
You will need to sign up for these classes on the Mindbody App or our online schedule (just as you would normally). *You must sign up at least 1 hour prior to class in order to receive the code for class via email. If you are unable to attend, simply cancel the class in your account.


What do I need to do before class?
Be sure to download and install Zoom on your preferred wifi-enabled device prior to your class. For your virtual practice, you will need a stable space for your zoom-connected device.

  • We recommend plugging in your device to ensure a stable connection throughout class

  • Create a quiet space so you can practice without interruption. Turn your device to "do not disturb" mode.

  • If you like to listen to music during practice you can play your favorites at home (and we'll share some playlist recommendations too!)

  • Set up your mat, props, and water. Here are some great homemade substitutions for yoga props: 

    • Yoga Mat: bath or beach towel

    • Yoga Blanket: firm wool blanket or towel 

    • Blocks: books, sturdy boxes, soup cans and water bottles 

    • Strap: belt, scarf, thin towel or long piece of fabric

    • Bolster: couch cushions, large pillows

How do I join the virtual class?
At least 15-minutes prior to the start of class, you will get an email with detailed instructions on how to join us online. This email will include a link, a meeting ID and the password. Please note that passwords for class are unique and cannot be shared with other students. A class admin will also be available in the chat window to assist with any issues.

Still have questions?
Email us at and let us know how we can help!

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