Accessible Wellness for Everybody, or AWE, is our wellness immersion during the Friday night and Saturday day sessions. Enjoy workshops and classes offered by world class wellness facilitators and receive a recommended home practice to maintain your wellness commitment between weekends. Connect with your accountability partner and create a personalized and comprehensive wellness program to sustain your life.

AWE Program Overview 

AWE is the stand-alone Wellness Program in Create Karma’s roster of Transformational Leadership and Wellness Programs. Participants in AWE, or Accessible Wellness for Everybody, experience a two-day wellness immersion during the Friday evening, Saturday full-day sessions and optional Sunday morning bonus practices during our training weekends. Soak up the teaching and classes offered by world-class wellness facilitators. Get a taste of the exclusive and public Create Karma programing as a participant. Engage in a recommended home practice and group coaching calls to maintain your wellness commitment in between Create Karma training weekends. Connect as you learn to create and maintain wellness with the support of your accountability partner. Through yoga and Ayurvedic self-care practices, you’ll create a personalized and comprehensive wellness program to sustain and enrich your life. Program space is limited.


Comprehensive Curriculum and Experiential Learning

AWE provides you with an optimal opportunity for personal development by integrating training techniques with a variety of wellness practices. We combine physical movement, breathwork, meditation, self-care and self-inquiry with team-building activities and recommended home practice to generate enduring wellness in your life and community. By completing this wellness training, you will transform your relationship with yourself and your ability to create wellness every day.

AWE Curriculum Includes…

  • Anatomy & Kinesiology: Use basic anatomy and awareness to inhabit your body effectively

  • Ayurveda: Stabilize your inner and outer environment through nutrition and daily life practices

  • Yoga: Integrate a home practice into your routine

  • Physiology of Wellness: Learn how the systems of wellness regulate health

  • Functional Movement: Ground and energize through inclusive yoga and movement

  • Healing Breath: Learn how you can use yogic breathing practices (pranayama) to balance your nervous system and support your wellbeing

  • Connection: Create partnership and community by sharing yourself authentically and generously

  • Support: Join our thriving community in person and online

  • Sustainability: Nourish and support your body with daily wellness practices customized for you

  • Coaching: Access to coaching calls and e-mails to personalize your experience and integrate the program into your life

  • Practice: As an AWE, you will have access to a discounted, unlimited membership yoga at ZYW for the duration of the training (6-months).

Facilitated by National Wellness Leaders

Create Karma is excited to bring together some of the country’s leading wellness professionals to give participants an unparalleled training experience. Each weekend session is led by a renowned instructor or expert who specializes in a unique area of leadership development, wellness, and/or community outreach. The training’s diverse curriculum is overseen by our Program Director Beth Martin and Create Karma Founder Sarah Yukie Gingrich, who together bring over 35 years of yoga practice, participation and leadership in international yoga trainings to our program.


2020-2021 AWE Training Weekends

Each weekend session includes Friday evenings and Saturday days. You will also get special opportunities to attend Sunday morning sessions.


•   Weekend 1 – October 16 & 17 

•   Weekend 2 – November 6 & 7

•   Weekend 3 – December 4 & 5 

•   Weekend 4 – January 8 & 9

•   Weekend 5 – January 29 & 30

•   Weekend 6 – February 19 & 20

•   Weekend 7 – March 12 & 13

•   Weekend 8 – March 26 & 27


We offer three tuition options to suit your needs. Once accepted into the program, your application fee and deposit secure your space in the program.

Payment Terms: 

Tuition for this program is non-refundable. 

Early Bird

  • Application Fee: $108

  • Deposit: $200

  • Tuition: $1492


Total Early Bird​: $1800

Full Tuition

  • Application Fee: $108

  • Deposit: $200

  • Tuition: $1792


Total Full Price: $2100

Payment Plan

  • Application Fee: $108

  • Deposit: $200

  • 6x payments of $332 (monthly Oct - March)


Total Payment Plan: $2300

Program Requirements

Anyone with an interest in wellness is welcome and encouraged to apply.


What have AWE participants experienced?

“I recently finished the 2018 AWE program with Create Karma. This program was truly

amazing. It was 8 weekends spread out over several months of community, yoga, and self

discovery. The guest speakers are incredible and with the guidance of Beth Martin I took my

mental, physical and psychological self to a new level. I recommend this program to anyone

looking to create more wellness within their lives.”


“I am relatively new to yoga and as a mentor, Beth inspired me in so many ways. She always took the time to check in and see how I was doing, and she always reminded me as a student that there is so much depth to yoga. I truly appreciate Beth sharing her passion for Ayurveda and always helping me find ways to deepen my yoga practice each and every day. She taught me simple ways to help better manage day to day stressors, relax, and most importantly she helped me develop a series of self-care practices I do each day. As my mentor she truly helped me learn to explore the gift of yoga and all its healing powers.”

Training FAQs


Which training program is right for me?

Create Karma offers multiple leadership training programs to help us fulfill our mission of creating healthy communities and empowering individuals to become embodied leaders who effect positive change through their lives and actions.


If you are new to the wellness world or are looking for ways to develop your leadership skills for the first time, we recommend the 200-hour LEAP program. Through this training, you will learn the art of expressing leadership and community-building through the lens of wholistic wellness. You will become a leader in both thought and action, creating a lifestyle of health and empowerment for yourself and those around you.


If you are already a wellness professional and would like to elevate your ability to lead other teachers and become a mentor, the 300-hour MEET may be right for you. To be eligible for this program, you must have previously completed a 200-hour training program from an accredited school. This program builds upon our LEAP training and provides additional mentorship work and opportunities to expand and hone your role as a facilitator of teachers.


What if I have to miss a portion of the training?

Community is a fundamental element of both our LEAP and MEET trainings, making each group session an invaluable part of your learning experience. If you absolutely must miss a training session, you will be required to make up the missed time and coursework in order to receive your completion certificate. Make-up work will be handled on a case-by-case basis and should be arranged in advance with your group leader and/or mentor, with the approval of the Program Director.


What does a typical weekend look like?

Training weekends will vary based upon each facilitator and their content for the session. In general, sessions will include physical activity, group work, opportunities to practice leadership, and content-specific workshops. Our 2020 program will be held online in our secure virtual learning platform and includes a robust learning experience with live streamed sessions, pre-recorded learning and digital content. 


Timing will be finalized closer to the start of training, but generally Friday sessions are between 6pm-9:30pm and allow us to reconnect, ground and practice together and act as an overview of the weekend ahead. Saturday sessions are between 8am-6pm and initiate activities to delve deeper into content.  We will have ample breaks for lunch on Saturday and there will be short breaks during the afternoon sessions.


I have a wonky knee/ankle/back/big toe. Can I still take the training?

Yes! Injury and other limitations can be some of the most powerful tools in learning empathetic and creative leadership. Bring whatever you need to sit comfortably and contact us if you have any special requirements. Most importantly, be sure to listen to your body and move with awareness during all classes and activities.


Am I too old/young/inflexible/flexible?

No way. One of the big myths about wellness is that we have to already be fit enough to be well. Many of the people you interact with may have similar concerns. Our leadership trainings will help you balance your flexibility with your strength, while gaining awareness of what to do to empower yourself and others. These programs are designed to meet you where you are. Whether you are 18 or 108, this program has space for you. If you are 109? Congratulations! You can probably teach us a few things about enduring wellness 😉


Is there homework? Why?

Yep. You will have weekly readings and daily wellness practices to do in between our weekends. Cultivating a regular wellness practice, along with your other homework, will reinforce your ability to be in support or yourself and others while gaining the practical knowledge and awareness you need to refine your leadership skills.


I’m interested in wellness and being a leader, but I don’t want to teach yoga. Is this the right program for me?

Absolutely. Our LEAP program is an opportunity to explore your leadership potential through the experience of yoga, wellness, and your connection to others. You will learn from some of the country’s leading wellness experts and gain actionable steps towards creating an empowered lifestyle, as well as join likeminded individuals working together towards a common goal: Creating strong, healthy communities by becoming compassionate human beings and leaders.


If you aspire to teach yoga, we encourage you must participate in the Yoga Teacher Practicum Weekend in March. This weekend program will help you refine your role as a wellness leader and provide theoretical and practical tools to becoming a yoga instructor. 


Whether you choose to teach yoga or not, Create Karma leadership programs provide the knowledge and skills to help you become a stronger, more flexible, and more compassionate human being and leader in all aspects of your life.


I’d like to be part of this, but I don’t have enough time!

I’m pretty sure there is no perfect time… which means it’s always the perfect time. The skills you will learn in our program will transform your ability to be present and to create your life. If you find you frequently feel like you don’t have time, that might be a recurring dialogue for you! That said, we have other options!


Our AWE program is an amazing opportunity to transform your wellness. During training weekends, AWE participants get together from 6pm-9:30pm Friday evening and 8am-6pm on Saturday. Another option is to attend workshops and public classes during our training weekends. Our public classes sell out quickly! Join our mailing list to get notified when they are announced.

What happens if I sign up and can't complete the program?

Tuition for this program is non-refundable. In some cases, paid tuition can be used as a credit and applied to future trainings. Exceptions are handled on a case-by-case basis, are not guaranteed and must be requested in writing directly to the Create Karma Program Director.

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