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Mindset Retreat

3 Steps to an Abundant & Soul-Aligned Life

I've been where you are now. I doubted myself, self-sabotaged, procrastinated, and thought too small about what I could be in the world. I have plateaued and felt stuck, watching as others increased their impact and income, wondering when it would be my turn. 


Mindset isn't something you can get from reading a book or can upgrade on your own. Sure, I read a lot, but all of my Mentees will tell you that it is because I live my mindset teachings that I am able to create such great results for them and teach them how to live a high quality, abundant, joyful and happy life like I do.


This retreat, just like everything within the Pranic Life program, lives at the intersection of Science and Spirit. The steps in this program work, because I’ve lived them and because I’ve been coaching others on how to use them for nearly a dozen years. It's not just stuff I once did, it's the process that I live DAILY.

And now, it's your turn.

In this Mindset Retreat, we will shift old patterns within you and create a powerful process of letting go of past limitations. During this life-changing conversation you will learn how to:


Define and create alignment with your dream life


Strengthen your beliefs in what's possible so you can manifest your desires


Create a breakthrough in an area of your life with a current energetic blockage

60-minute Virtual Retreat

+ pre-recorded Q+A Session!

What's Included

General Admission

Mindset Retreat recording & Q+A  


  • Mindset Retreat 60-minute pre-recorded session  with Lead Mentor, Kristin Schultz

  • 12-month access to the retreat recording in case you get interrupted or want to absorb the teachings again! 

  • Bonus Q+A 30-min session recording where you can hear wins, questions, additional insights and inspiration from program participants just like you! 

V.I.P. Admission

All the perks of General Admission PLUS...


Everything included in the General Admission Package PLUS:

  • To ensure your not-going-back, sprint-forward BREAKTHROUGH become a VIP and add 5 days of one-on-one Voxer coaching with Lead Pranic Life Mentor, Kristin Schultz so that you can integrate the information and implement it in a way that serves your life and unique goals. 

Who This Workshop Is For

People who want to build lives where they are not only  successful and driven (because frankly they are already these things are more) but for those who want more and are ready to transform their lives. They want to...


  • DREAM BIGGER: Gain powerful clarity and vision of your deepest desires and your life’s purpose.

  • RESOLVE FEAR AND INNER CONFLICT: Reprogram your core beliefs and craft a winning self-image.

  • GAIN MOMENTUM: Remove the internal blocks stopping you from taking soul-aligned action.


As a result of this program you will discover the secrets to manifesting all that you desire from an expanded mindset of consciousness, craft new beliefs based on abundance and possibility, and create a transformed self-image of being WORTHY and magnificent.

About the Speaker


Kristin Schultz

Lead Mentor & Program Founder, The Pranic Life 

Founder & Director of Leadership, Zia Yoga & Wellness


As a Master Yoga Teacher, Ayurvedic Lifestyle Coach and Human Behavior Specialist, Kristin has dedicated her life to living the practices she teaches and is a role model and inspiration for women to live with wisdom and vitality. 

A natural edge-walker, Kristin masterfully integrates practices from both the scientific and spiritual worlds to inspire greatness for women to evolve in awareness and radiance. She is the Founder and Lead Mentor of The Pranic Life Energy Mentorship Program, which helps women learn how to unhook themselves from patterns of anxiety, perfectionism and self-sacrifice so they can generate a soul-aligned life of passion, purpose and radical balance and inner happiness. 

When she's not leading one of her three businesses, you can find her running a trail or traveling the world with her family. 

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