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In 12-week Living with Energy Mentorship Program is for women who long for vitality and inspiration and are ready to unhook from patterns of anxiety, perfectionism and self-sacrifice so that they can generate a soul-aligned life drenched with passion, purpose and radical balance.

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Learn to shift old patterns and create a powerful process of letting go of past limitations by:

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Dream Bigger

  • Learn how to create a life overflowing with love and passion

  • Discover your heart's deepest desires (and get to action on your life's purpose)

  • Create space for radical abundance in your life

Yoga in Nature

Resolve Fear + Inner Conflict

  • Dissolve stress and earn how to keep your nervous system calm in any situation

  • Learn how to say no and set boundaries (not borders) for your life

  • Shift conflict into opportunities to learn 

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Gain Momentum

  • Remove internal blocks stopping you from taking soul-aligned action in every area of your life. 

  • Shift your inner attention and get present on what's most important in your life.

  • Learn to let go of what you are no longer aligned with

  • How to create and call in the support you need to thrive.

Discover the secret to building a life overflowing with joy and ease, craft new beliefs based on abundance and possibility, and create a transformed self-image of being worthy and magnificent.

What's Included

  • Access to our membership site which includes all 12-week training modules and handouts filled with rich content to serve you in your goals wherever you are in your growth process.

  • 12, Pre-recorded modules packed with insight, wisdom, space for inquiry.

  • 6, 30-minute private coaching calls with Kristin held biweekly so you can see your progress, create intrinsic accountability, and be supported every step of the way.​​

  • Soul-aligned assignments designed to take the work off your mat and into your life.

  • A supportive and safe digital community (off social media) to connect, share wins and get realtime support from women just like you.

  • Accountability and inspiration every week we’re working together plus direct message support to help you integrate the information and implement it in a way that serves your unique goals.

  • A highly experienced, intuitive mentor and coach who is 100% invested in your success.

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Prana means energy. Learn to live with it.


Kristin Schultz

Lead Mentor & Program Founder

As a Master Yoga Teacher, Ayurvedic Lifestyle Coach and Human Behavior Specialist, Kristin has dedicated her life to living the practices she teaches and is a role model and inspiration for women to live with wisdom and vitality. 

A natural edge-walker, Kristin masterfully integrates practices from both the scientific and spiritual worlds to inspire greatness for women to evolve in awareness and radiance. 

When she's not leading one of her three businesses, you can find her running a trail or traveling the world with her family.

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