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In celebration of our 3rd birthday - we're giving away *30* spots to our Summer Cool Down Retreat! 

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It's our 3rd birthday and we're giving away *30* spots to our Summer Cool Down Retreat!
(a $128 value!)

Claim your spot now before they're gone!

Use Coupon Code HAPPYBIRTHDAYZIA at checkout

Our Summer Cool Down Retreat is designed to help you cool off from the heat and fire of the summer and last few months.
Each day you'll receive access to: 


Ayurveda is focused on prevention and the concept that general health and wellness rely on a delicate balance between mind, body, and spirit. Learn about Ayurvedic routines and lifestyle choices in daily, 15-minute talks with Zia Founder and Ayurvedic Wellness Coach, Kristin Schultz.

Virtual Yoga

Cultivate a calm focus and a powerful, centered core energy in daily therapeutic sequences designed to balance the fire energy, or the Ayurvedic pitta dosha. Each class is unique and expertly led by a different Zia Yoga Guide. 


Check in with your peers and catch daily, inspiration, support and connection with the Zia community in our private Mighty Networks Group for the entire week.

Bonus Content

Take advantage of bonus Guided Meditations, Journal Prompts and a personalized Dosha Quiz! 

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