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Our Rockstar Team

Kristin Schultz


Founder, Director of Leadership & Ayurvedic Wellness

Kristin is a natural edge-walker, masterfully integrating practices from both the scientific and spiritual worlds to inspire greatness for women to evolve in awareness and radiance.

Kristin leads our exceptional team of guides as well as workshops and special programing at the studio.

Nicole Blackburn


Studio Manager, Yoga + Meditation Guide

Nicole is an intuitive and integrous leader who is running the show from behind the scenes at all times. She believes self-discovery is best served with a slice of adventure and a chai latte. 

Nicole leads adult small group classes and manages membership, customer service and day-to-day operations of Zia. 

Vandana Devpura


Yoga + Meditation Guide

Vandana is a compassionate wisdom-seeker who knows movement and intention can help heal the deepest wounds and create space for our greatest achievements.

Vandana leads adult small group, meditation and Nidra classes at Zia.

Sandra Langner


Yoga + Wellness Guide

Sandra is a tender empath who believes compassion, love and cat snuggles are the path to self-discovery (and world peace).

Sandra leads adult small group and restorative asana classes at Zia.

Rachel Applegate


Yoga + Wellness Guide

Rachel is an artist and nature lover who knows offering compassion to ourselves opens us up to extend compassion to those around us.

Rachel leads adult and Perinatal small group classes at Zia.

Rachel yoga.jpg

Randi Coen Gilbert


Yoga + Wellness Guide

Randi is a Doula and Therapist who knows we must take care of our higher selves, before we can take care of our family, work, & society.

Randi leads small group Perinatal classes at Zia.

Randi Coen Gilbert Bio 2.jpg

Carina Wulff


Yoga + Wellness Guide

Carina is an inspired and holistic wellness creator who leads with a thoughtful, creative and playful spirit.

Carina leads adults in small group classes at Zia.


Kaitlin Battiste


Yoga + Movement Guide

Kaitlin is an intuitive and empathic movement maker and dance teacher who loves nature, animals and humans alike.

Kaitlin leads small group classes for adults, teens and young children at Zia.

Emily Gable


Pilates + Yoga Guide

Emily is a passionate and humble animal lover who believes that listening to our body and intuition will guide us to our own ultimate healing and vitality.

Emily leads small group Kundalini and Pilates classes and Massage sessions at Zia.


Lauren Davish


Reiki Master + Yoga Guide

Lauren is a creative writer by day and accomplished singer-songwriter by night who knows the importance of trust and intuition when seeking inner joy and empowerment.

Lauren leads small group classes for adults and Reiki sessions at Zia.

Kirsten Lane


Yoga + Wellness Guide

Kirsten is a gentle empath who believes when we slow down and move with awareness we can access our inner wisdom.

Kirsten leads adult small group classes at Zia.

Annie McGillian


Yoga + Movement Guide

Annie is a playful movement maker and dance teacher who knows the most potent relief from a busy mind is slipping into your your awareness.

Annie leads children's dance and yoga classes at Zia.

Let's Practice Together

Ready to take class? Check out all of our teachers on our up to date schedule. Including our small group, on-demand and outdoor practice offerings. 

Want to Join our Team?

Zia Yoga & Wellness is hiring dynamic Yoga Guides for small group in-person classes and one-on-one private yoga sessions. 

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