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 Discover peace from within.

small classes, big results at Zia Yoga & Wellness

Your pace. Your practice.

Classes at Zia are purposefully small, trauma-informed, and focus on accessibility through the use of props and mindful pacing so you can melt away stress and reconnect with inner peace.

Yoga philosophy + practical tools for modern living.
Yoga has been ever-evolving on our earth for thousands of years. At Zia, we study and approach the historical teachings of Yoga with respect and curiosity so we can discover our power to create space for deep healing and a path for equity, justice, and collective liberation for all.

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Join the Circle

"Zia" (zee-ah) is an ancient word meaning light and splendor.

At Zia, we practice in a mandala (Sanskrit word for circle) and like a circle, a mandala has no beginning, no end. It is inclusive, it grows and expands. It condenses and encircles; it exists for each of us. By practicing in this shape, we create an experience of community, of oneness, of connection to each other and to the practice of yoga.

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"I feel at home and welcomed at Zia. This is a special space with some special teachers and students!" - Prisha

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"Zia is such a welcoming space filled with positive and peaceful energy. I have enjoyed and gotten so much out of every class I've taken there and have found the instructors to be wonderful and knowledgeable!" - Jessica 

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"I tell every beginner, afraid-of-yoga, not flexible, totally scared, friend I have that Zia is the place to start. I have learned so much about myself, my body, and my capabilities at Zia. It is a special place."

- El

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"Every class takes me to a higher place of self-love and self-reverence. Zia is a sacred place that helps me be better at living my life." - Michael


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Dec 11 - Dec 17















To ensure a personalized experience, most classes are limited to 10 students. 

Advance registration is required for all classes.

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Zia Yoga & Wellness is located on the ancestral and unceded territory of the Lenni-Lenape People at:

321 E Lincoln Highway, Exton, PA


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