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Decolonizing Yoga Workshop

Saturday, February 10, 2024

12 pm - 4 pm

A Wisdom + Workshop at Zia with Sheena Sood & Kristin Schultz


Unlearning what we’ve been taught by dominant systems is not just an intellectual pursuit but a but a whole-bodied inquiry. Confront the old, limiting stories and beliefs we carry in our tissues so that you can explore new ways of being and doing that move us towards healing and liberation.


Join activist and scholar Sheena Sood for shared movement, reflection, grief, and action toward the more liberated and peaceful world we all deserve. Leave with tangible resources for care, endurance, and action.


This workshop is for any person who:

  • Practices, teaches, or is curious about yoga and wants to go deeper into their personal experiences and reflections.

  • Has ever been unsure, insecure, or curious about how to practice yoga without causing harm or unintentionally disrespecting the cultural elements of yoga.

  • Is interested in learning from the teachers and Desi/ South Asian voices and traditions that add depth to our practice and bring yoga alive in our daily lives.



Using a range of embodied, postural, and meditative practices and educational strategies, Sheena’s “Decolonizing Yoga” workshop gives practitioners of all backgrounds concrete language, examples, strategies, and ancestral homework to complicate and deepen their understanding of a challenging topic.


To the students who bring a sense of openness, humility, and willingness to detach themselves from feeling a sense of ownership and entitlement toward yoga, this workshop promises to move YOU and our communities closer to spiritual enlightenment and liberation..


Yoga has never been a practice aimed at the physical mastery of postures or stress reduction so we can function as better producers and consumers in a capitalist society. A devoted practice of yoga, rather is intended to cultivate a deep inner awareness so that we can experience, practice, and live in unity with our mind, body, soul, and with the divine.

Yoga means liberation from every construct, including that of race, gender, time, space, location, identity and even history herself. However, the current state of yoga in the United States and elsewhere in the Western world highlights the power imbalance that remains between those who have access to wealth, an audience, and privilege in contrast to those who have been historically marginalized.

One of the most powerful ways we can work together to decolonize yoga is to reunite with its true aim and purpose of practicing self-inquiry, and learnig about the history and integrity of an authentic yoga practice.

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Sheena Sood

Sheena's Decolonizing Yoga workshops pulls directly from her personal experiences with confronting her internalized identity as an upper caste yogi and her professional and relational experiences as an activist scholar. The framework Sheena offers challenges participants to apply a critical lens to contemporary examples of yoga’s weaponization in law enforcement, military industries, corporate environments, so that we can root the struggle to decolonize yoga in an ethics and politics of social justice and collective liberation.

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$54 per person 

  • Current Monthly Members SAVE 10% with code YAMA at checkout 

  • Wisdom & Wellness Members attend for FREE (Learn more here)


This workshop is held at our studio located at 321 E. Lincoln Hwy, Exton, PA 19341




Given the proximity to our studio community, overnight accommodation is not included in this retreat. However, you can opt to spend the night in one of Exton's many affordable lodging options. 


There are also several hotels within a 10-minute drive from the studio including:

Holiday Inn Express Exton - 3 minute drive / 15 minute walk 

Residence Inn by Marriott Philadelphia West Chester/Exton - 9 minute drive

Hampton Inn Downingtown Exton - 8 minute drive

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